About Us

Shared Universe will protect endangered species, in particular the rhinoceros.

If poaching is not stopped and rhinos are not bred in significantly larger numbers they may become extinct in nature within the next 10 to 15 years. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated the “critically endangered” classification for black rhino and “near threatened” for white rhino.

Rhinos are perhaps the nearest living reminders we have to dinosaurs. The thought of the next generation not being able to experience these magnificent animals is heartbreaking.

Our investors do not invest in the expectation of quick dividends. They understand what is at stake and the greater benefits to be achieved through investing in our fund.

Nevertheless, our fund intends to break even at a very early stage, and to be commercially viable.

The fund will be used for the following purposes:

  • Establish a game reserve, Mapesu Private Game Reserve, and helping to buy and restore 7,221 hectares back to nature
  • Protect critically endangered rhinos
  • Conserve elephants
  • Set up a buffalo breeding program
  • Invest in and redevelop the Mopane Bush Lodge

Since protecting, preserving and breeding rhinos is a relatively expensive proposition, the fund has created a number of commercial activities around it. These include additional tourist activities as well as an increase in capacity of the existing Mopane Lodge. In addition there will be commercially viable educational projects, veterinarian projects and commercial breeding projects (eg: establishing a buffalo breeding herd).

The fund will also engage in social study projects, where we will also be inviting Vietnamese and Chinese scientists to study rhinos, to increase the knowledge about rhinos and to demystify the perceived medicinal value of its horn.

Shared Universe will also:

  • Create approximately 100 jobs
  • Train local staff for almost all available positions
  • Increase tourism attractions in the Northern Limpopo area
  • Create opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility (our “rent a charity” concept). Investors have access to the Game Reserve, and can participate in various corporate sponsorship activities.
  • Create a small medical post locally
  • Protect and rehabilitate other wildlife (veterinarian services for wounded animals)