Fund Structure

Investing in the Fund


Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. shares will be offered to the public and all investors (upon completion of KYC requirements) can participate on an equal basis.

A South African company: Mapesu Private Game Reserve Pty Ltd. will be incorporated, which will operate the conservancy and its various sources of business.

Shares will initially be offered at USD 10,000 each for the first phase of the project.

The target amount to be raised in first phase is USD 3,000,000.  This will be used to purchase the farm, and to develop it so that staff can work there.

In the second phase a further USD 3,000,000 will need to be raised to make the necessary investments in animals and pens, restore the lodges as well as to pay for operating expenses until the project becomes self-sufficient.

On an annual basis the share value will be re-calculated based on audited financial reports and purchases and sales will be conducted against the new price. Additional shares financing further growth will be issued at the revalued price.

Both the Fund and the underlying company Mapesu will be audited.

It should not be expected the project will pay a cash dividend any time soon.

The Management Structure


  • The Fund and the conservancy Mapesu will have a Board appointed for two year periods by the shareholders. The Board will conduct the day-to-day management of the Fund and the conservancy;
  • The Board will also enter into agreement with various contractors and sub-contractors to exploit the full potential of the project, to the benefit of the rhinos and the shareholders in the Fund;
  • The results of the company will be audited once a year and shared with all investors;
  • Experts will be hired or contracted to take care of specialized tasks (such as the anti-poaching or veterinary aspects); and
  • Several sub-projects, such as the elephant safaris and the leadership training, may be outsourced in part or in whole.
Shareholders will be compensated in the following ways:
  • All shareholders will be mentioned on a wall of honor, for their contribution in saving the rhino
  • All shareholders will be compensated with preferential access rights (e.g. two nights of stay free of charge at the existing lodge per annum per share)
  • Nights can be freely exchanged with nights at Alpasion Wine Lodge in Argentina.
  • All shareholders can participate at the annual shareholders meeting and determine how efforts to rescue rhinos will be conducted