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We would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone on the exciting changes happening at Mopane Bush Lodge.

Mopane Bush Lodge, along with Shared Universe Foundation and Shared Universe Ventures, are proud to have accomplished an important milestone on a long road to conservation that will ultimately help restore this part of Africa to its former magnificence.

It has been a two year-long project to bring a family of elephants in our care. It literally has been a labour of love. We have put in 34 kilometres of renewed Big 5 fencing with the latest technology as well as an anti-poaching unit for protective measures. There have been various waterhole upgrades, a new dam in the front of the lodge and larger one some kilometres away for future growth and improvements. On 26th September the family of seven elephant were released on Mapesu Private Game Reserve where Mopane Bush Lodge is situated. The elephants have not roamed on Mapesu for over 120 years. They will now complement the already occurring members of the Big 5, including the Leopard. Due to the release, we have decided to put on hold the Nature Walk activity until we are comfortable with the Elephants behaviour towards people on foot. Instead we are replacing it with a Sunset Drive or Morning Drive in the Mapesu Private Game Reserve. We will certainly keep you updated as to when we will resume the Nature Walks.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hosting you soon. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at the following:

Michelle | Mopane Bush Lodge