Our Investments

Economics of the Project

At the heart of Shared Universe Ventures lies a great love for conservation.

We therefore constantly search for a middle ground between protecting the environment as well as generating a return for our investors. Ian Player, a well know conservationist who spearheaded Operation Rhino, simply explained “If it pays, it is stays.” Too often the term conservation is mistaken for preservation.

We aim to make all our investments win-win situations for Shared Universe Ventures as well as the environment. We anticipate making the Fund and the project economically viable within a 5 to 6-year timeframe. However, given the nature of this project, investors should not look at it as solely a financial investment – we know there are projects around with higher yields and less risks. The intangible dividends and pleasures of interacting with nature and being part of an effort to save the rhino from extinction cannot be under estimated.

When you recall the moments that have given you the greatest satisfaction, you will realize that what makes us the happiest are things like bringing happiness to others, contributing to the greater good, leaving a legacy, helping those in need. This is where the greatest satisfaction comes from.
Protecting rhinos from poaching is expensive. Therefore, Shared Universe Ventures will integrate the rhino project with a number of commercial activities to ensure that after the initial start-up phase the project will at least become self-sustainable.