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Own a piece of South Africa, share in its development and help protect endangered animals.

Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. (Shared Universe) contributes to the restoration of the great South African landscape and to saving critically endangered species.

At almost 8,000 hectares, our vision is to become one of the best wildlife conservancies in all of Africa by offering a hands-on, up-close and personal experience to our investors while being a commercial success.

Our mission is to rehabilitate degenerated land to once again become prime habitat for native species, and protect critically endangered animals like the rhino giving them a safe and natural space to live and breed, all in a sustainable manner by creating smart tourism facilities that sustain both nature and livelihoods of employees.

Conservation of endangered wildlife is both important and costly, and will only have a sustainable long term impact if it can be combined with ways in which nature and the endangered animals can ‘pay for themselves’ without being relegated to a zoo-like environment.

The investment will become self-sustainable by establishing various commercial programs and initiatives such as top quality tourism, educational and volunteering programs, game breeding projects, a rhino sanctuary where other rhino owners can also house their animals, and professional training facilities. These endeavors will not only generate financial returns, but will have a real impact on visitors and a minimal impact on nature and animals. The overall project will have a positive effect on the local community and help to create good work opportunities OVER 100 local employees.


This investment can also be used as a gift that will not only be appreciated – but will also appreciate in value.

The Investment

Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. is a listed investment fund which purpose is to fund and operate the 7,220 hectare (soon to be enlarged to over 8,000) Mapesu Private Game Reserve (Pty.) Ltd. in the Limpopo Province in South Africa. The reserve is part of the Limpopo Valley Conservancy and borders with the Mapungubwe National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Given the nature of the project investors should not look at it as solely a financial investment (there may be projects around with higher yields and less risk). It is expected that both the investment and the land it is situated on will increase IN VALUE over the medium term.

Although the current value of the land in this part of Limpopo is only one twentieth of the value of land near Kruger Park, it is expected to increase because of its advantageous location next to the UNESCO World Heritage site and reconstitution and rehabilitation of Mapesu’s territory. However, the intangible dividends, the pleasures of interacting with nature and being part of a profoundly important effort to save endangered species from extinction must not be under estimated.

Take a minute to think back and recall the moments that have given you the biggest satisfaction and you will soon realize that what makes us really happy are the things we do to bring happiness to others, contributing to the greater good, leaving a legacy, and helping those in need. There is no greater satisfaction.

Investor Benefits

Shares are initially offered at USD 10,000 each. 

Owning shares in Shared Universe entitles investors to visit the Mapesu Private Game Reserve whenever they like, enjoy its facilities (including its luxury accommodations at Mopane Bush Lodge) and to get involved in conservation and community projects at their preference.

Investors enjoy immediate personal satisfaction and ongoing joy from their investment without having to deal with the complexities and costs of personally managing their own game reserve. Keen conservationists, safari lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as farmers, game breeders and other people who care for our nature can leave a personal legacy of true nature conservation for future generations.

Every share carries the following characteristics:

  • Shareholders are subject to reduced usage fees for accommodation and for consumables such as game-drive vehicle use. These charges are agreed every year by the shareholders at the annual general meeting. Usage fees are kept as low as possible
  • All shareholders will be mentioned with their names and pictures on a wall of honor, honoring all who contribute to the effort to save the rhino and other endangered species
  • All shareholders will be compensated with preferential access rights including reduced fees for accommodation at the Mopane Bush Lodge
  • All shareholders will have their say at the annual shareholders meeting and thus a say on how the rhino rescue efforts and other nature conservation activities will be conducted, as well as how the lodge will be developed over time
  • ONCE Projects come to fruition LIKE the breeding program and other project formations, there should be an attractive annual return on investment. Moreover capital gains on the investment MAY be realized over time
  • Mapesu Private Game Reserve has a freehold title-deed ownership; the land is not leased and it is not subject to serious land claims
  • This is not a time-share or share-block model, but true and authentic ownership
  • Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. is a listed public company, but not a liquid investment
  • This investment offers a good price/value for money; nobody is making a profit out of the investors
  • Shareholders may feel a sense of belonging, and a sense of ownership at their bush home away from home
  • Full use of the reserve and all communal facilities for the shareholder and partner/spouse and guests to visit as often as desired. Shareholder accommodation is booked on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to availability at Mopane Bush Lodge. We reserve the right to limit bookings of communal accommodations to 2 weeks at any one time
  • To enjoy all activities listed in this document, and to partake in game breeding, conservancy and research projects going on at the time of visit
  • To self-drive, subject to the successful conclusion of the bush skills, first aid and 4×4 driving courses
  • Holders of ten or more shares are entitled to use their own game-drive vehicle, subject to the vehicle being approved by reserve management

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Share Offering

Shares are initially offered at USD 10,000 each.

Shareholder Categories

We have three shareholder categories, as follows:

1 Share

Shareholders can enjoy the reserve and its communal facilities at reduced prices. 

10 Shares or more

Shareholders can build/own personal units on selected sites within the reserve. Some of the conditions relating to accommodation bookings, maximum length of stay and usage fees do not apply or are relaxed for these shareholders. 

25 Shares or more

Shareholders can build their own lodges on agreed prestigious private sites within the reserve. The conditions relating to accommodation bookings, maximum length of stay and usage fees do not apply to these shareholders.


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