“Sky Rhino” See our rhino geoglyph from a commercial aircraft

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Potentially the largest single animal geoglyph on the planet that can be seen from a commercial aircraft on the Mapesu Private Game Reserve!

Previously the largest animal imprint on earth was located in the Peruvian desert, but that record could likely be broken thanks to the efforts of Shared Universe Ventures and their creation of the biggest single animal drawing of a rhino that can be seen from the sky when flying on a commercial aircraft.

It was created by many volunteers and rangers as a symbol of defiance and to generate attention to the perilous situation of the rhino.

There are less than 25,000 rhinos left in the world. The fact that there more rhinos poached than those being born means that extinction is possible within 20 years. Over 80% of them roam in South Africa, where both government rangers in National Parks and private anti-poaching units in private game reserves fight a heroic battle against poachers.

The deforestation project that created the ‘Sky Rhino’ is part of a larger effort to reduce mopane encroachment (caused from years of overgrazing by domesticated cattle) via restoring some of the area to its original fertile grasslands. The ‘Sky Rhino’ encloses a sea of yellow grass (Panicum Maximum) while on the exterior stands a bountiful ocean of green, brown and grey mopane trees. The grassy plains feed antelopes, zebra, wildebeest and hopefully soon a couple of white rhinos.

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