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We are delighted to announce the rescue of a family of six elephants from an overpopulated conservancy, with all permits having been granted to translocate them to Mapesu Game Reserve.

This is a very important moment and the result of two years of hard work by the entire team, including the completion of fencing, water holes etc. Everything needed to receive this elephant family is now in place – the ‘state of the art’ electric fences, a release camp, elephant-tamper-proof watering stations and an anti-poaching unit.

The release date will be September 26-28th and we want to make this a most memorable moment, as the occasion is a huge step forward for Shared Universe. Not only are we getting closer to one of our goals of becoming a ‘BIG 5 reserve’ but have also been restoring the natural habitat in order to provide endangered wildlife with suitable, protected wild spaces to roam.

There will be a film crew to make a short movie of the actual release. Mopane Bush Lodge will host a truly South African lunch and offer special deals on accommodation. Press will be invited and we intend to make it a fun and festive event. Please contact lodge managers, Renhard and Michelle if you are able to join us in celebration. Email: Telephone: +27 015 534 7906 or +27 083 633 0795

Anyone who cannot make it for the release can contribute in the following ways:

  1.  Financial contributions are much appreciated as translocating elephants is expensive. At Mapesu, although they will remain wild elephants, we offer the possibility to name an elephant for USD 5,000 each to help towards their protection and to get to know each elephant better. A plaque will be made at the lodge to commemorate your donation and the name given.
  2.  The footage of the release can be used with promotional materials for companies, sponsoring the Shared Universe Foundation (SUF). Feel free to contact SUF for further information:
  3.  Meanwhile, if anyone helps to sell shares in Shared Universe Ventures (SUV), they will be gifted ONE share for every TEN shares sold. So please share this information with your friends, acquaintances and nature lovers and help us convince them of its importance.

The SUV share issue price is still USD 10,000 per share. Recently we made a comparison with similar projects and properties in the Limpopo area and it became clear, the value of the land in the region has been increasing. We have therefore decided that as of September 30th 2016, the price of SUV shares will increase from USD 10,000 to USD 11,000 per share (which will still be a conservative approach to the theoretical ‘market value’). A property with improved facilities and accommodation, that is being developed from ‘big 1’ to ‘big 3’ and later ‘big 5’ will increase in value with more than just the value of the land. Therefore, if you can invest before September 30th, you will benefit by investing at the ‘original’ price.

Now that we have everything in place for elephants, we are confident that we will quickly overcome additional challenges for Rhinos (both Black and White). In the meanwhile, we will continue to work on introducing other big game including Hippos, Cape Buffaloes and Crocodile, and consequently making our conservancy more diverse, more sustainable and more interesting for visitors.

We hope we can continue to grow this valuable, endangered protection area in Southern Africa and are most grateful for your helpful support and any efforts to contribute and/or spread the word, making our circle of friends even bigger and truly conserving this unique and majestic part of Africa.

Please contact us and be part of this amazing journey, the excitement and, of course, the fun!